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Rob has lived on Barra for 17years having visited here for a month every summer the previous 8. For most of his adult life he was involved in education and was a supply teacher here on Barra until 10 years ago. Now he is determined to make sure that those visitors who may only be here for a short time get to see everything he has discovered on this beautiful island in 25 years. Like many first time visitors he was captivated by the island from the moment he first drove off the ferry all those years ago and in the intervening years has researched many aspects of the islands history, flora and fauna and enjoys sharing all this knowledge with visitors. He's also very proud of the island and wants to share it with those who might otherwise miss some of Barra's wonderful and special places.

Paul and his family moved to Barra after visiting his parents for holidays many times. Like his dad Rob, he fell in love with the island on his first visit almost 13 years ago. Through his work as a carpenter and joiner Paul very quickly got to know many of the islands residents who were only too willing to tell him tales from Barra's recent and ancient past.

He is very proud of Barra and the people of Barra who have welcomed him into the community and because of this he enjoys sharing the stories of local people and the very special places on this beautiful island that he now calls his home. Paul looks after things when Rob is off island or for some other reason is unavailable.​
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